Here are some frequently asked questions.

Voog Studio, a French brand founded by Viviane in 2022. She employs entirely handcrafted techniques for every single aspect of the rug production process - from design to tufting and finishing.

Tufting is an artisanal technique used to create rugs. Wool is inserted in tufts onto a stretched canvas using a tufting gun.

Contact us for a custom rug tailored to your preferences. Let us know the size, shape, patterns, and colours for your dream rug. We're happy to help.

Although the rugs do not come with wall hangings, you have the option to add them. Leave us a message regarding this matter.

The delivery time of your order is contingent on its destination. Typically, rugs available for immediate purchase will ship within 7 business days, whereas pre-order items will take approximately 2 weeks. We assure you that we will expedite the delivery process to the best of our ability.

Regular vacuuming is vital to maintain the quality of your rug and avoid shedding. For effective stain removal, use a mild cleanser accompanied by water. We highly recommend not washing your rug in the washing machine. For thorough cleaning, it's best to hire an experienced professional.